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After years in a family business where I gained a thorough understanding of the steps of the building process, I started my own business, which has now been operated successfully for eight years.

My focus—and my passion—is building. Cortrax Homes’ finished products stand elegantly in Warman, Martensville, and Saskatoon and on several acreages in the surrounding area. While other builders are sometimes hesitant to take on the challenges associated with building on acreages, I have the vision and the expertise necessary to make acreage projects go smoothly. Building a solid foundation and a sound home requires an understanding of the landscape and the environment.

“My philosophy is to provide our customers with homes they can enjoy living in over the long term. It is one of the ways our customers benefit from dealing directly with the owner of the business.”

As a builder, I am hands-on and highly involved with every project. I update my website on a weekly basis. Photographs of projects are uploaded as the homes progress, and new plans are added as they become available. Wherever possible, I includes photographs of finished examples alongside the plans to allow visitors to visualize the physical reality of the plans more accurately. Customers can browse photo galleries and compare the details of new and popular plans including “Stone”, a bi-level walkout; the two-storey “Augusta”; and the “California Flats” bungalow.

Customers who want to modify existing plans or draft their dream from scratch have that option. Cortrax Homes cooperates regularly with Krista Martens of Beyond Measure Design to customize plans on request. I have cultivated relationships with professionals in every part of the industry in order to provide customers with everything they need to create the home they want.

First and foremost among those professionals are the members of WMW Homes: Kris Miazaga, Blaine Wotherspoon and Morgan Wotherspoon. We’ve been working together for a while now, and we’ve built a really good relationship together.

To take care of the countless details associated with building and finishing a home, we connect customers with suppliers I know and trust. It is a system that benefits all parties.Another benefit homeowners reap from these relationships is ready access to information. While other builders may take a week to quote prices, we can usually offer accurate supplier quotes within a matter of hours.

Cortrax Homes has a record for efficiency: in eight years, no home has taken more than six months to complete. I’ve built houses in three months, and I’ve built houses in six months, of all sizes and values. From breaking ground to being ready to hand over keys to the owners, it has never taken me more than six months to finish a home. Many builders in the Saskatoon area currently estimate the completion of a project in eight months to a year.

“Building is my passion and that sets me apart as much as anything else does.”

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